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Pelletizer 150mm 7.5 hp Gasoline for alfalfa and pastures 100-120kg / h - MKFD150G

Power: 7.5 hp

PetrolCapacity: 100-120 kg / h

Dimensions: 750 * 320 * 740 mm (0.1776cbm)

Weight: 120kgHumidity: 14% or less



150mm alfalfa pellet making machine - MKFD150G

The flat matrix of pelleting can be changed quickly to achieve different calibres and qualities of pellets according to the need of the diet.

Instructions on the condition of the grass, which are necessarily necessary.

The friction generated by continuous work raises the temperature of the parts to no more than 70-80 degrees, if the grass has the humidity indicated 14% or less up to 9%, that friction generates a little steam by temperature and humidity, causing the natural binder of the grass to be activated in order to compact it. The grass dried in the sun, with the same state that is used to pack is the ideal to work in pellet. The freshly cut grass can not be used because it has too much moisture, too dry grass can add a small percentage of common water to moisten up to 14% and get the machine to work optimal performance.

It is very necessary that the grass is previously ground to a size of one millimeter smaller than the diameter of the pellet that is going to be obtained, if we are to make pellet of 8 mm the grass must be ground to 7 mm or less, there may be a margin of a millimeter more, that is 9mm but the pellet will not have visual quality because the fiber will be too long and the pellets will look "hairy". Anyway, whatever is bigger than the diameter of the pellet that we need to make, the machine with the matrix and presses will have to undo it, condemning it to a job that does not correspond to it and thus it will lose its yield.

Can I add concentrates to the pasture?

All the tests were positive when we could make external aggregates to the pastures and then pelletize, for example you can add up to 40% of any concentrate to give more balance to the pasture or alfalfa diet.

It has been worked with whole or peeled oats, corn, soy, vitamin nuclei, salts, shells, bone meal as aggregate to the pasture with excellent results, only you will have to add a horizontal mixer to the process before entering the mixture to the machine to make pellets

All our machines have a regulating stop to give the desired length to the pellets.

The machines are manufactured in its structure of high strength modular cast iron, and its parts of steel are tempered in high temperature in SAE quality that give high useful life of use.

The painting and visual finishing of the machine is carried out in a temperature painting booth, with a base of treatments of sandblasting, phosphate so that no moisture is trapped and over time the rust is skipped.


All the machines we manufacture are designed with the simplest structure so that the user can do service and maintenance without depending on any third party or that causes expenses. Periodically greasing of the parts with bearings is required only, and once a year oil change in the gearbox.

Spare parts and spare parts

All the parts of our machines are manufactured by MEELKO, that is to say that the buyer has access without problems to any type of spare parts directly from the manufacturer.


The structure of the machine is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase.

The parts manufactured by MEELKO comprised of axles, rollers, dies are guaranteed for 12 months for manufacturing defects or materials.


Capacity: 100-120 kg / he
Power 7.5 hp gasoline
Package weight: 90 kg
Package size: 750 * 320 * 740 mm

Inside the box we will send: Flat matrix strainer, Tool kit for maintenance and salad use, manual oiler.

The production of forage pellets can be stored directly in your barn for at least 5 years without losing quality. The pellets can be balanced feed for the diet of the animal very nutritious, even for small farms the use is profitable.

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