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Electric Grain/Rice Mill 500 lbs/hr
Power: 2.2 kW
Capacity: 440 - 500 lbs/hr
Dimensions: 750*400*500cm
Weight: 209 lbs


Rice Mill

In the milling, the rice is subject to abrasive force for shells. After the cleaning and separation, filtered grains are brought into a huller camera. The flow of paddy will be uniformly transformed using the feed roller. The flow rate is controlled by a regulating valve. The sheller camera is equipped with a pair of rubber rollers which rotate towards the inner direction at various speeds. It is husking the paddy rice brown as it passes through the stripper between the rubber rolls.

 husked rice is separated from the shells, immature beans and brown rice. Shells are blown out of the machine by a fan and immature grains are discharged outside the machine through a duct. Brown rice smoother flows into the compartment for the bleaching.

The brown rice is milled by friction between the rice grains to pass through the stripper between the filter and the grinding rollers. The bran layer of brown rice is obtained by the action of rubbing grains together. Air is blown from the fan and through the cavity of the main handle and flow into the grinding chamber. This function of cooling the rice grains not only prevents high temperature of the rice outcrop, but also blows off the bran for milled rice. The rubber sheets are enclosed within the frame of the friction type of rice whitening machine and to minimize intense localized pressure and thus avoid excessive breakage of the rice. This achieves a more even whitening and luster.




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380V, 110V




Country of Origin: China

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